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  1. Date: 2019-12-12
    Six bodies were recovered by the New Zealand military on Friday, following a volcanic eruption that killed at least eight people and left toxic waste behind.
  2. Date: 2019-12-12
    Exit polls suggested that U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson clinched the majority of seats in the parliamentary elections after polls closed Thursday, a strong confirmation that he could forge forward with a long-anticipated Brexit deal.
  3. Date: 2019-07-11T22:01:00Z
    Resident of Miami's Little Haiti didn't realize the secret of their neighborhood until the developers starting calling. As some of the area's highest ground, it's become more attractive in the climate crisis. But that may still hurt the locals, activists say.
  4. Date: 2019-12-12
    In a now-viral video, a Starbucks employee gave his manager a musical performance the Internet may never forget.
  5. A New Zealand military team in gas masks and hazmat suits recovered six bodies on Friday from the volcanic island that fatally erupted earlier this week, as doctors worked to save badly burned survivors.
  6. Date: 2019-12-12
    Exit polls projected that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party won a big majority of seats in Parliament in national elections Thursday. Why the victory and what comes next?
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    Description: Boris Johnson, Scotland, Facebook: Here’s what you need to know.
  8. Date: 2019-11-27T23:31:46Z
    Even at levels below international air quality guidelines, short-term exposure to pollution can send you to the hospital for more reasons than scientists originally thought, a new study finds. The new insights suggest global air quality guidelines may need to be revised.
  9. Date: 2019-12-12
    The IG report was a disaster for the credibility of our bureaucratic class in Washington. But it's also a big, big problem for the American news media.
  10. Prime Minister Boris Johnson won a resounding election victory on Friday that will allow him to take Britain out of the European Union in matter of weeks.
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    Description: A nightmare on White Island took a new turn as a team recovered the bodies of people killed in a Monday eruption. About two dozen of those who escaped remain hospitalized.
  12. Date: 2019-12-12
    President Trump has been Impeached Man Walking for “The Resistance” since before he took the oath of office.
  13. Date: 2019-12-12T10:22:10Z
    This week's deadly kosher market attack and the killing of a detective in New Jersey are being investigated as acts of domestic terrorism "fueled by both anti-Semitism and anti-law enforcement beliefs," the state attorney general said Thursday.
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