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  1. Date: 2020-05-17T05:25:00
    The top 500 sites on the web The listings in the Top Sites by Category are ordered by Popularity of this listing, and not by the overall Global rank of the site. We use the same basic traffic ranking technology used for Alexa Traffic Rank — a combination of unique visitors and pageviews — but apply it only to the traffic for that specific listing.
  2. Date: 2020-04-19T12:39:00
    Team Finland Disc Golf eventually came 9th - beating 16 other World games sports! This was a massive effort but one that was worth it as we can already share with you some very positive outcomes. The vote will have helped cement the views of organisers of the next World Games in Birmingham ASL, USA in 2021 that Disc Golf should be a part of ...
  3. Date: 2020-05-05T22:33:00
    From July 14-21, the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF)'s 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships will have 128 teams from 36 countries competing in more than 1,000, 7v7 ultimate frisbee games in Mason and Lebanon, OH, just north of Cincinnati. Mixed Gender (48), Women's (40) and Men's Division (40) teams with over 3,000 athletes will showcase the sport of ultimate.
  4. Date: 2020-05-20T14:46:00
    Ultimate, also and originally known as ultimate frisbee, is a low-contact team sport played with a flying disc ().Ultimate was developed in 1968 by a group of students at Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey. Although Ultimate resembles many traditional sports in its athletic requirements, it is unlike most sports due to its focus on self-officiating, even at the highest levels of ...
  5. Date: 2020-05-23T22:18:00
    International Accreditation of Sport Education (IASE) is an international sport quality assurance agency, working to improve quality assurance standards of organizations all over the world. With its global network of experts, IASE grants accreditation to educational institutions, corporations, professionals and qualified individuals.
  6. Date: 2020-05-30T11:14:00
    The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) has nominated Finland’s Disc Golf team in the annual World Games Athlete of the Year competition. The award honors an athlete or a team for their outstanding performance in 2019 or for their social commitment or particularly fair behavior.
  7. Date: 2020-05-26T10:33:00
    The Frisbee or the flying disc has become a staple for popular recreation over the years. Several hybrid games involving frisbees insist and are played all over world.
  8. Date: 2020-05-18T17:17:00
    Pittsburgh Flying Disc Established 1981 Favorite of 196 players Knob Hill Park · Warrendale, PA Moraine State Park · Portersville, PA Deer Lakes Park · Tarentum, PA Boyne Valley DGC Established 2013 Favorite of 194 players Avalanche Preserve Recreation Area · Boyne City, MI Boyne Mountain · Boyne Falls, MI East Jordan Community Park ...
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  10. Date: 2020-05-07T02:45:00
    European Ultimate Federation (EUF) is the governing body for the sport of Ultimate in Europe. As part of the EFDF and the World Flying Disc Federation the EUF works for the coordination and development of Ultimate in Europe and the promotion of its Spirit of the Game ideals. The EUF coordinates Ultimate associations in Europe, and supports Ultimate in countries where there are no local ...
  11. Date: 2020-05-22T06:23:00
    This is a list of international sports federations, each of which serves as a non-governmental governing body for a given sport and administers its sport at a world level, most often crafting rules, promoting the sport to prospective spectators and fans, developing prospective players, and organizing world or continental championships. Some international sports federations like the ...
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    Where are you now? Set your location by clicking on the map below or typing in your address below.
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    DiscSports — various sports or games played using flying discs (frisbees). Discus — track and field event where athletes attempt to throw a heavy disc object far as they can. Diving — an aquatic sport where athletes dive into water from a raised launch pad, while performing acrobatic movements.
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    Jul 23, 2018 - Fitness and fun in Beloit, Wisconsin. See more ideas about Wisconsin, Fun and Sports.
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    World Flying Disc Federation European Flying Disc Federation. AU - Australian Flying Disc Association AR - Asociación de Deportes del Disco Volador de la Republica Argentina (Argentina) AT - Österreichischer Frisbeesportverband (Austria) BY - Belarus Ultimate BR - Federacio Paulista de Disco CA - Ultimate Canada CH - Swiss Ultimate Association
  16. Date: 2020-05-15T15:42:00
    AFDF is the second continental association for flying disc sports after the European Flying Disc Federation (EFDF)/European Ultimate Federation (EUF). Commented Robert L. "Nob" Rauch, WFDF President, on the foundation of AFDF: "WFDF is proud to monitor and support the growth of flying disc sports in Asia.
  17. Date: 2020-03-22T16:51:00
    Disc Golf Vibration is with Damien Poursin at Centre Omnisports de Vichy. September 30, 2019 · Bellerive-sur-Allier, France · Voici de quoi revivre les départs de la ronde 3 du National Tour Disc Golf 2019 #5 Open De VICHY .
  18. Date: 2020-05-12T01:43:00
    Throwing a small disc a long way takes skill, practice and can be challenging to master. The sport is played like traditional golf, except that flying discs are used instead of a golf ball. The sport was created in the early 1970s with the object of completing each hole with the fewest strokes, or throws, in this case.
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    1 hour of regular exercise results in 2 hours of additional life. 9 of the Top 10 most watched programmes on Irish TV in 2016 were sports programmes. 12 biggest mass participation events in Ireland have an economic impact of more than €46 million generating more than 91,000 bed nights for the Irish economy. 18 the number of medals won by New Zealand at Rio 2016,
  20. Date: 2020-05-23T03:07:00
    Disc dog is the more generic name for what is commonly called Frisbee dog. In disc dog competitions, dogs and their human flying disc throwers compete in events such as distance catching and somewhat choreographed freestyle catching. The sport celebrates the bond between handler and dog, by allowing them to work together.
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