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  1. Date: 2020-02-16T22:22:00
    The news media or news industry are forms of mass media that focus on delivering news to the general public or a target public. These include print media (newspapers, newsmagazines), broadcast news (radio and television), and more recently the Internet (online newspapers, news blogs, news videos, live news streaming, etc.).
  2. Date: 2020-02-20T12:35:00
    From directors of social media and content strategists to account managers and video journalists, the people of the newsroom are the ones who make the news media industry as important as it is. I could not be more grateful for my summer as an intern in the news media industry with News Media Alliance.
  3. Date: 2020-02-21T02:10:00
    MediaIndustryNews Headlines. ... NBC News unit on Tuesday launched a digital video service that targets the growing number of viewers who get their news on social media. Jun 13 2017.
  4. Date: 2020-02-21T15:18:00
    The State of the News Media fact sheets use a range of different methodologies to study the health of the U.S. news industry, including custom analysis of news audience behavior, secondary analysis of industry data and direct reporting to solicit information unavailable elsewhere.
  5. Date: 2020-02-21T09:56:00
    As traditional news sources experience decline, social media has been quick to pick up the slack and is becoming a particularly common news source among America’s youth, in fact, 89% of college ...
  6. Date: 2020-02-20T13:33:00
    The media and entertainment outlook highlights industry trends for the future that may drive growth for the media and entertainment industry. ... Video streaming and digital media industry trends to watch. ... Latest news from @DeloitteTMT Sharing insights, events, research, and more. Join the conversation.
  7. Many within the music industry and beyond are taking to social media to pay their respects to the effervescent musician.
  8. Date: 2020-02-03T04:32:33Z
    As if collectively responding to a moment of partisan politics and unsettling news, the bulk of this year's Super Bowl LIV commercials leaned heavily toward the playful and silly. View the best and worst.
  9. Date: 2020-02-21T12:12:00
    2 Cable news was a bright spot in another down year for the U.S. news media industry’s economic fortunes. Revenue rose 4% over the past year for Fox News, CNN and MSNBC combined, according to estimates from Kagan, a media research group. That made cable news one of the only sectors with a revenue increase in 2018.
  10. Two Korean pop stars were sentenced to prison Friday for gang-raping unconscious women, secretly recording the act and distributing the tapes as part of a scandal that has rocked the K-pop industry, according to South Korean media.
  11. Date: 2020-02-21T09:21:00
    Breaking News in Advertising, Media and Technology. Morgan Stanley has announced today that it is acquiring ETrade Financial Corporation in an all-stock purchase valued at $13 billion.
  12. Date: 2020-02-24T07:21:00-05:00
    Amazon Prime Video will be offering up one of the year’s most highly anticipated reality shows, an Agatha Christie miniseries and a gritty international...
  13. Date: 2020-02-21T01:03:00
    Reporting, commentary and analysis about the media industry and cultural impact of television networks, newspapers, music labels, Hollywood studios and streaming platforms.
  14. Date: 2020-02-20T11:30:00
    The news industry is losing patience with Facebook and publishers are re-focusing attention elsewhere. Less than half of respondents (43%) say the platform is likely to be important or extremely important this year, a similar number to Apple News and YouTube – but far less than for Google (87%).
  15. Date: 2020-02-24T07:19:00-05:00
    March will see the full integration of FX into Hulu, as well as a handful of high-profile new series.
  16. At Germany's Bambi Awards for the media industry in November, celebrities posed for red-carpet photos against a backdrop of established luxury brands. Alongside the likes of Mercedes-Benz and Swiss watchmaker Chopard was a newer name: IQOS, a "reduced risk" heated-tobacco device sold by cigarette maker Philip Morris International Inc.
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    Description: As interest in Dry January and sobriety rises, and as social media opens up new conversations, the bar industry has begun to evolve.
  18. Date: 2020-02-20T08:31:00
    Sites having to do with issues and processes of reporting and interpreting the news. See also the descriptions for: Alternative Media Breaking News Business Services for Media Publishing Industry
  19. Date: 2020-02-21T23:42:00
    NMA Very Disappointed Future News Fund Bypasses Local Media Industry. The pilot Future News Fund has failed to include established local news media publishers as grant recipients following the announcement of the 19 successful projects. Run by NESTA and funded by the DCMS, the fund received 178 applications... 20 February 2020
  20. Date: 2020-02-24T05:47:00-05:00
    The billionaire had clashed with Sen. Elizabeth Warren days earlier on nondisclosure agreements.
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