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    Fanfiction archives under section: TV Shows. Come and rediscover your favorite shows with fellow fans.
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    Posts about Fan fiction written by SleepyDragon1320. I still stand by my previous post on writing Fan Fiction and still think it is an excellent way for new writers to develop before trying to write their own original stuff, a way for fans to immerse themselves into their favourite shows, books, etc. and to express their opinions of what they think should happen.
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    general fiction, horror, humor, romance, science-fiction. Very often the texts come with self-made illustrations. There are also many comics and a lot of fan art. Fanfic stories referring to Naruto manga, with a special focus on SasuSaku, are very popular on deviantART.
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    Science fiction comedy or comic science fiction is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that exploits the science-fiction (SF) genre's conventions for comedic effect. Comic science fiction often mocks or satirizes standard SF conventions - such as alien invasion of Earth, interstellar travel, or futuristic technology.It can also satirize and criticize present-day society.
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    Science fiction (often shortened to sci-fi or SF) is a kind of writing.Science fiction stories can be novels, movies, TV shows, video games, comic books and other literature.. SF is often about the future.It can be about imaginary new science and inventions such as spaceships, time machines, and robots.Science fiction stories are often in a world that is very different from the real world.
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    FanFiction = 33% content around books. ... I say that quite seriously because when LOIS & CLARK was still on the air and I was actively writing fan fiction for it, there were fanboys who insisted we weren’t sticking to comic canon, regardless of the fact that we were writing about a TV series. ... I’ve only ever been into TV series fan ...
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    TV Shows: 100 fanfiction archive with over 9,658 stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans.
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    Adult Forms. One of the most startling forms of fan-created fiction is the erotic variety. For example, viewers who thought that two characters in a TV show or movie should have had a sexual relationship might express that point of view by writing a piece of erotic fiction.
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    U.S. television science fiction is a popular genre of television in the United States that has produced many of the best-known and most popular science fiction shows in the world. Most famous of all, and one of the most influential science-fiction series in history, is the iconic Star Trek and its various spin-off shows, which comprise the Star Trek franchise.
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    Science-Fiction , Consensual Sex, First Time, Male/Female, Oral Sex, Pregnant, Wife The Family Fun by Darklord by darklord9895 Rated 93.3%, Read 91971 times, Posted Mon 25th of May 2009 Fiction , Bi-sexual, Cum Swallowing, Gay, Incest, Male / Female Teens, Teen Male / Female, Teen Male/Teen Female, Wife « <
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    Category: Fantasy & Science Fiction > Threesomes/Moresomes Dragon prints: 75191: Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The Author holds exclusive rights to this work. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.
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    Based on something @wanderingcas and I briefly chatted about in the only tumblr group chat I lasted longer than a day in. In Castiel’s defense, he’d been in the middle of telling Dean that he probably shouldn’t touch the glowing metal object that had fallen out of a crammed closet in a less-explored room in the bunker when he’d gone ahead and done it anyway.
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    Free Online Library: 'Let's get a bit of context': fifty shades and the phenomenon of 'pulling to publish' in twilight fan fiction.(Essay) by "Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy"; Business Mass communications Book printing Ethical aspects Fan fiction Analysis Intellectual property Novelists Works
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    What makes the SuperWiki unique though, is that it documents the Supernatural fandom alongside the show. It not only covers what happens on the show, it covers behind the scenes, conventions, charity projects, fan fiction, shipping and other creative fan endeavours whether it’s a cookbook or a podcast.
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    Fanfiction today takes many forms and is astonishingly prolific — the website has 594,962 entries of just Harry Potter fan fiction published to date. Twilight has nearly 200,000 entries of its own on the site. Fan fiction is writing about a fictional universe already created by a published author.
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    Posted by: wneleh According to Katharine Trendacosta on io9, Fan Fiction Is a Bad Television Show's Best Friend (thanks, msilverstar!). Caroline Knorr took a look Inside the racy, nerdy world of fanfiction (CNN). A recent episode of NPR’s Ask Me Another featured Fans, Fiction, And Fan Fiction (guest: Chris Colfer). Breitbart’s Adam Shaw wrote that Newsweek Dabbles in ‘President Hillary ...
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    Stack Exchange network consists of 177 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.. Visit Stack Exchange
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    About ten years ago, I started writing fiction again as a hobby. I figured I had the time for it. The truth is I could always have made the time for it. I just didn’t because it didn’t seem like the kind of hobby an adult professional should have. I excused it by telling myself I was working on a novel and that I might someday try to ...
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    Feb 12, 2020 - Explore sminasian's board "Books" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Books, Childrens books, Behavior books.
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    Fiction Plane may be one of the best modern rock bands you likely have never heard of. (But if you have heard of them before, good for you!) If their lead singer and bass player looks – and sounds – a bit familiar, that’s because Joe Sumner is none other than the son of music superstar Sting.But Joe is not just the child of rock royalty riding on his father’s coattails; his band ...
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