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  1. Date: 2020-02-25T01:17:00
    I love this one! Est. %%EST%% ...
  2. Date: 2020-02-18T10:56:00
    Arts - Online Writing - Fiction - Fan Fiction (index): We dreamed up Associated Content as the People's Media Company™, a place to satisfy your varied interests by tapping into a massive contributor base to create articles, videos, audio and images on every topic. Arts - Online Writing - Fiction - Fan Fiction: ...
  3. Date: 2020-02-22T23:51:00
    Basically what the name says. Est. %%EST%% ...
  4. Date: 2020-02-21T18:23:00
    (Added Qira) A shrinking story set in the Star Wars fictional universe.
  5. Date: 2020-02-03T19:54:00
    World's largest fanfiction archive and forum where fanfic writers and readers around the globe gather to share their passion.
  6. Date: 2020-02-21T10:35:00
    STARWARS - ROTJ Infinities: Jedi Princess By The Great Shaggy ... It was rated as one of the most difficult arts of dance to master in the entire galaxy for it required a high deal of concentration on the dancer’s part for the movements to flow smoothly like water with no thought that would cause jerky movements. ... Adult-FanFiction.Org is ...
  7. Date: 2020-02-09T17:57:00
    Movies: IT fanfiction archive with over 807 stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. ... write, review, and interact with other fans. FanFiction | unleash ... Working in the cafe on the same floor as the lit department Stan developed a mental chart of what people were writing based off the drink they ordered. He ...
  8. Date: 2020-02-09T10:06:00
    Fanfiction archives under section: TV Shows. Come and rediscover your favorite shows with fellow fans.
  9. Date: 2020-02-08T22:42:00
    My take on how The Clone Wars Season 5 Finale should've been like and more. Strange things begin to happen around the Master and Padawan as they begin to learn about the true power of their abilities.
  10. Date: 2020-02-05T18:25:00
    Fan fiction or fanfiction (also abbreviated to fan fic, fanfic, fic or ff) is a type of fictional text written by fans of any work of fiction where the author uses established characters, settings, or other intellectual properties from an original creator as a basis for their writing. Fan fiction ranges from a couple of sentences to an entire novel, and fans can both keep the creator's ...
  11. Date: 2020-02-21T01:24:00
    On FanFiction you can find stories about almost anything you wish. There are fandoms based on books, anime and manga, TV shows, movies, musicals, comics or games. To give you the idea of how much you can expect, the most popular sections on FanFiction are (the number of stories at the time of writing this post):
  12. Date: 2020-02-23T08:39:00
    Sprunk-Schmidt Star Wars Rewatch: Our Wishes For Future Star Wars ... stop reusing the same exact dialogue quips) — and reach for something new. One good thing that the prequel movies did was they introduced new depth to the Jedi-Sith conflict. ... Fans who had their first experience with them often call them superior for their special ...
  13. Date: 2020-02-22T21:47:00
    Like, I've read fan stuff that references classic literature and deep philosophy, fleshes out characters and fixes major plotholes, where the author of the original canon is kind of like, "yeah, I just did whatever." Kind of makes you wish that writing fanfiction didn't feel like an embarrassing hobby to admit to. :p
  14. Date: 2020-02-17T12:21:00
    Our Star Wars poster collection is second to none, and you definitely don't want to miss our huge archive of vintage James Bond posters. You can search our virtual gallery by film title, genre, popular movie stars, most popular by decade, newest and most expensive, and by size.
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    All models were 18 years of age or older. HD has a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography. This site is rated with RTA label. Parents, you can easily block ac
  16. Date: 2020-02-21T08:50:00
    Thank you; I intend on writing that fiction, finishing it through no matter how long it takes, and being the content I wanna see in my fandom. Thank you all!! ... This is why the Star Wars fandom is thriving but Stargate is nearly dead. ... Kind of makes you wish that writing fanfiction didn't feel like an embarrassing hobby to admit to. :p ...
  17. Date: 2020-02-18T22:34:00
    Posts about fiction writing written by Jodi. A fictional ceremony should contain some, if not all of these elements: Central focus – this might be a person, object, or goal. All participants in the ceremony are either physically or mentally centered on this item.
  18. ... out of the boxes and used those as art boards. This particularly drawing was done with black and colored sharpies and the figure of Dr. Strange was based on a Gene Colan drawing in a comic book. In 1978, I was pretty well obsessed with Star Trek, Star Wars, Space: 1999, and whatever else I could find that was science-fiction-ey. These are my attempts at drawing The ...
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    New York City, New York, United States About Blog is a site for science fiction, fantasy, and all the things that interest SF and fantasy readers. It publishes original fiction, art, and commentary on science fiction and related subjects by a wide range of writers from all corners of the field; both professionals working in the genres and fans.
  20. ... Space Laser Flight Game Video Games For science fiction fans, the 70s are a golden age. We had Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Star Trek and a legion of other shows and movies. And we had electronic toys and games like ...
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