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  1. A Southern rock band called Confederate Railroad is firing back after it was barred from performing at an upcoming Illinois state fair over its name and use of the Confederate flag.
  2. Billionaire progressive activist and Trump impeachment advocate Tom Steyer is planning to pour millions of his own money into his newly launched campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.
  3. Former Vice President Joe Biden, who has raked in millions since leaving office, released his financial disclosure form as well as three years of tax returns Tuesday.
  4. Gordon Ramsay’s rage may have just earned him a spot in the live-action “The Little Mermaid” film.
  5. Nicki Minaj is pulling out of a concert in Saudi Arabia because she says she wants to show support for women's rights, gay rights and freedom of expression.
  6. Date: 2019-07-11T22:01:00Z
    Resident of Miami's Little Haiti didn't realize the secret of their neighborhood until the developers starting calling. As some of the area's highest ground, it's become more attractive in the climate crisis. But that may still hurt the locals, activists say.
  7. It’s been nearly 50 years since NASA put a man on the moon but many of the technologies invented for the groundbreaking Apollo space program are still used in our lives on Earth today. From the tiny cameras in our cellphones to the heat-proof uniforms used by firefighters to protect them from the dangers of the job — here are seven famous inventions from the 1960s moon shot.
  8. California’s newest tourist attraction is its earthquake crack.
  9. Date: 2019-09-17
    While many people had their eyes on the contestants of "Dancing with the Stars" as they danced their hearts out for the season 28 premiere Monday evening, some eagle-eyed fans couldn't help but notice an editing blunder that aired during the telecast.
  10. Less than two hours after beginning a special session called in response to a mass shooting, Virginia lawmakers abruptly adjourned Tuesday without taking any action and postponed any movement on gun control until after the November election.
  11. A lawyer for former FBI official Andrew McCabe pressed U.S. prosecutors on Friday to drop their politically sensitive case against him, citing reports that suggest they may be having trouble securing criminal charges.
  12. Date: 2019-09-16
    As U.S. health officials are investigating what might be causing hundreds of serious breathing illnesses in people who use e-cigarettes and other vaping devices, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has activated its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to aid the investigations.
  13. U.S. Rep. Jose Serrano, D-N.Y., says he will oppose efforts by the Trump administration to include a citizenship question in the 2020 Census.
  14. In some Florida communities, supporters of expanded voting rights try to work around a new law’s requirements.
  15. Netflix’s glory days are over. And what’s coming next won’t be pleasant if you own Netflix stock.
  16. Date: 2019-07-27T00:10:22.000Z
    Immigrant rights advocates say the ‘safe third country’ agreement is cruel and unlawful, though it could still be blocked
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    Description: The green slime came in waves on Tuesday. In the lines to get into the Shrine Expo Hall, teenage girls were covered in it, head to toe. Inside, as the 17-year-old pop singer Billie Eilish awaited her headline set, that green dripped from her fans’ sweaty hair. At the merch booth, everything — hoodies,...
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    Description: SHANGHAI, July 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Acorn International, Inc. (NYSE: ATV) ("Acorn" or the "Company"), a leading marketing and branding company in China, today announced that Acorn Digital Services has signed Chef Works to the lineup of brands that it represents in China. Chef Works is ...
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